Why Sell On Yenza?

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A Marketplace For Handmade Goods

Yenza means to 'create' in the Xhosa language.

Yenza is a marketplace for artists. Whether you’re selling crochet stuffies, paintings, metal art, or leather earrings, Yenza is a great market for you!

There are numerous marketplaces floating around the internet that cater to many different things. Some specific to an area, such as the UK or US, other specific to a type of product.

Yenza is a global marketplace just for handcrafted items. 
Forged out of a love for arts & crafts (we also had fun building our website too!). 
We were not a fan of other markets out there, which is why we created our own.
You will see that we have no listing fees per product and a market that is not flooded with bulk products. 
That gives creators better exposure and better profits.

From one creator to another, Yenza is the marketplace for artists. 
The family behind Yenza has enjoyed arts & crafts for many years. 
Resin, Paint Pours, and even Wood Art, we love it all!

Yenza Marketplace

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  • No Listing Fees
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Only Option 🙂
Marketplace for Artists

Beautiful handmade items from artisans all around the globe!


Every month we will rotate random featured vendors. 
We don’t think someone should have to pay extra just to get seen, especially when you already pay to be a part of a marketplace.

Featured Stores will be displayed on the Home Page, and will also be highlighted in the store list as well.

Featured stores will rotate once every month.

We’ve also partnered with the small business directory Cyntergi. You’ll get a free business listing in their web directory with your Yenza account!

A Marketplace For Artists

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