Our Story

Our Story

Growing up as an entrepreneur in a small family business let my business creativity run wild. As a kid, my dad helped me create a complete business plan to turn our house into a drive-through breakfast restaurant. My parents even ordered food off my menu.

As a family, we try to support small and local businesses as often as we can. This is what drove us to create Cyntergi and Yenza.
Cyntergi is a web directory for small businesses all around the United States. Simple, affordable, and easy to navigate so we can connect shoppers with small businesses!

Yenza is the Xhosa word for ‘create’. Xhosa is the spoken language in much of South Africa and in the Congo area.

Yenza is a marketplace dedicated to solely small-batch hand-crafted items made by creators all around the world.
Whether you’re looking for a beautiful one-of-a-kind charcuterie board or a painting to hang on the wall, this is where you’ll find it!

  • No wholesale.
  • No imported items.
  • No bulk items.

Yenza takes a smaller commission (3.5% compared to 5% from competitors), has no listing fees, products don’t need to be renewed quarterly, and we eliminated the competition from imported wholesale goods.

Our creators have better profits, and shoppers know that they are receiving something hand-made by the seller themselves. 


The idea of our marketplace was born after creating a website for my mother in laws to sell their art and jewelry they make.  (Here is their store)
We were trying to figure out how we could add various friends and family members to our website who also create art and other various handcrafted things.

That is when I decided to create Yenza, so we could have a good place for everyone to sell their creations without the high, complicated fees you see on other marketplaces. 

Yenza is a marketplace created by artisans, for artisans.  
We hope our story helps inspire other creators!

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