Yenza Marketplace Values

Yenza Values

  • Here at Yenza we are dedicated to protecting our customers and vendors.
    We have various policies/systems in place to make sure that everyone is taken care of.
  • Our website is secure and is protected by firewalls to prevent spam and hackers.
  • We use PayPal and Stripe for handling payments, so transactions and CC info are perfectly safe!
  • Customers have the option to have their info deleted, should they decide to close their account.
  • Yenza does not sell any information to 3rd parties.

House Rules

  • No wholesale/bulk items.
  • Items must be handmade by the seller.
  • Yenza does not sell custom bulk items
  • Each store/vendor creates their own shipping/return/refund policies, which are displayed on their store page.
  •  Be kind! We will not tolerate any kind of harassment or hate.
  • Contact us with any questions you come up with!
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